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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Welcome new folk and TODAY'S 10 MINUTE TOPIC

While your benevolent host is still playing catch up on the last couple of topics, I'd like to welcome Newbies and encourage the followers to come out and take part in the party...

Remember the Buzzer is just a tool and if you're still writing when it goes off it's not cheating to finish.

The point is to get you writing.

Speaking of which, is this helping? Let me know, I'm curious.

And with that Today's 10 Minute Topic is: SHOW

Have fun...


  1. It's helping me. I'd forgotten I could write at all. And with the sort-of fiction that this is just a time trial, I continue when I'm not sure what the Perfect Next Phrase should be. So thanks :)

  2. It's helping. I got out of my funk and starting working on the book again. However, there will be MANY MANY rewrites. LOL
    Carol gave me some great feedback and so did my English lit buddy so yes, a resounding yes.