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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Left Turn at the Dream

I started on the stage
I started on a page
I started on a vision
I started with a view
I started with a dream

I continued to perform
Like it was the norm
I rewrote the page
The view I had renewed
I expanded on the dream

I was handed a chance
Invitation to the dance
I lost the vision
The view went askew
A left-turn at the dream

I started to shut down
Hit below the crown
Deaf dumb and blind
And lost the way inside
The Opposite of a Dream

Hands reach out to grope
To survive, not for hope
A light down the road
I think I see ahead
A parallel to the dream

I was handed a gift
I was unable to lift
I didn’t think I could
My vision often lied
Left turn to the dream

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