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Thursday, May 12, 2011


I was on the phone with Sam this afternoon, just chatting as we sometimes do, and I told him that it had occurred to me that Laurel and Hardy would be perfect as the main characters in a film version of Waiting For Godot. He disagreed: "too slapstick."

"But that's why they'd be perfect," quoth I.

"No, no, too slapstick."

And that was that. There were, and there remain, too many things upon which we had to agree to disagree. Too bad, really, because not living together has done nothing but enrich our relationship. It's so much easier to get along when you don't talk about stuff. When you're spared the details, sort of like in the silents if you can avoid the title cards. Or not. That's probably too tortured, trying to make an analogy between the movies and marriage. Forget it.


  1. Actually, given the short sentences and pauses of the piece, which was all part of Stan and Ollie's schtick. Of course that's only my opinion...