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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Project Baby

One of the best gifts I ever received was from a total stranger. Profile D001A. We've never met and probably never will. But she gave me her eggs, and that's a pretty great fucking gift.

We were diagnosed with infertility about a year and a half ago (I use the Royal "We" because the hubby doesn't like to be excluded. He's medically sound. I am not. Apparently, acting like Keith Richards for half of my life has taken its toll.)

I am paying, literally and figuratively, for my past transgressions. The result is a hefty investment in my progeny. An investment that will, no doubt, result one Saturday night in an "I hate you" when they can't borrow the car, or a "you're embarrassing me" when I break into an "Ice Ice Baby" running man at their Bar/Bat Mitzvah. But I digress.

Our first donor wound up having the hormone levels of a 40-year old (no offense to anyone in their 40's but, medically speaking, if I'm shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for eggs, I want something in the "bionic" category.) Something that might have been brought to our attention before we shelled out for a hefty deposit. Our ideas of "need to know" differed, and after some intense emails and phone calls, we were on to donor number two. This donor would only work with one of the other doctors in our clinic, and after much persistence, we found out why. Apparently, her last retrieval went so poorly, that only one doctor in that office would approve her. After much rocking of boats and many toes being stepped on, we had to let her go. I don't know about you, but I would rather NOT have a sonohistogram or an internal ultrasound by a doctor with a chip on her shoulder. Might as well give myself a physical using kitchen utensils. Note to self: get rid of the whisk.

So here we are, on the brink of something awesome. Something we've waited for for over 2 years. We found her. She's great. She has dark hair. She's medically perfect. And, money aside, she's giving us her eggs because "she wants other couples to feel the joy that her child has brought her." Awesome.

Just please don't let my kids be assholes.


  1. I just had such a romantic thought: you and hubby get the pregnancy news on Mothers Day. That would be so sweet!

  2. PS, I've just caught up on Your Other Place,

    Man, do you ever rock!

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  4. Great post and now I'm off to read yer blog. I Can Has Blog Too?