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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A fan of the new

I like new things. I like being new places, reading new stories, testing new ways to fix chicken. I like it when the frustrated housewife blows the strand of hair away from her eyes and turns to me, watching her on the TV and says, "There's got to be a better way!" because as soon as she says it, blammo, the better way is revealed. Needless to add, it's New.

New babies are great, so fresh and small and smooth and clean of preconceived notions. They don't need to be in a pink room or a blue room to be happy, all they need is lunch and a cuddle and they're good to go ...until they need a new lunch and a new cuddle, of course, and probably a fresh new nappy.

And while the initial universe of newness might be a bit overwhelming, and why babies need to keep it simple ~ no chicken cacciatore or Hamlet or string theory for the first few years ~ we all eventually learn to cope and thrive. And some of us even seek out the New. And the better way.

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