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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Back for Seconds and Todays Ten Minute Topic!

Welcome back, Campers to Day 2 of Drop and Give Me TEN!  One Topic, Ten Minutes, No Rules! Um...except the 10 minute thing. If the buzzer or whatever you're using goes off you are allowed to finish the sentence.

A couple of Clarifications things. To get permission to post on theDrop and Give Me TEN! site on Blogger, just email me your email address to mikehiller@, and the site will reply with an email and then you can post here with gay abandon, or any other kind of abandon you like. I don't judge. Also Ignore the Time thing where you post!  I think it's set to Pacific so just leave it be...

Also don't forget to follow the blog so you can get notification when there's a new one. You can comment  and since I don't judge you don't get to either. It's not a competition. It's an exercise, and keep it clean.

And if you're using a pen, you do get to enter it on a computer, but try to avoid the temptation to rewrite. Clear as compost? Swell...

And Today's 10 Minute Topic is: NAME
(Your own, Someone Else's, One you like? Any take accepted)

1 comment:

  1. You plan on entering anything beyond instructions, cupcake?